Manchin: ‘The Democratic Party Can’t Be About Urban American’

‘Democrats in rural America, like rural West Virginia, felt like the National Democratic Party have left them and forgotten them’


MANCHIN: "I’m not a Washington Democrat. I’m a West Virginia rural Democrat who believes in fairness, the rule of law, and also believes in giving people a helping hand. I also believe people ought to get up off their butt and work a little bit if they can. Give some effort back. It looks like we've not demanded accountability and responsibility. We’ve got to reconnect. And it can’t be all about urban — the Democratic Party can’t be about urban America. It has got to get back to its roots of rural America and rural West Virginia when you still have, Joe, a majority of West Virginians registered as Democrats. These are proud people. And they would like to get back and say, 'Listen, I’m going to give everybody a chance but I want to make sure you give me a chance too.'"

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