Mike Allen: Trump Called Someone Asking What Would Happen if He Fired Sessions

‘The president called and said “What would happen if I got rid of Sessions?”’

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ALLEN: "Yesterday Axios reported they were talking about Rudy Giuliani. No way that the mayor is going to be regarded as an independent guardian of this department when you look at what he was saying during the campaigns. Axios this morning were reporting a remarkable phone conversation by the President. Mika, Joe, as you know, having been the frequent recipient, the president loves to call around and stress test ideas. We talked to someone who got an amazing call out of the blue. The President called and said, 'What would happen if I got rid of Sessions?' So, no sugarcoating it. He well-knew this would get out. And this person said, and this is a great reflection of how Trump world is thinking, this person said, 'If you’re going to talk about firing people at the Justice Department, don’t you want to save that for Mueller?'"

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