Jim Himes: What Trump’s Called Fake News on Russia Has Been Confirmed by Trump Jr. and Kushner Time and Again

‘He confirmed a meeting with a Russian intelligence trained businessperson’


HIMES: "I would say one thing that’s pretty amazing reading that thing. You know, as early as this morning, the president was, yet again, accusing the media of being fake news, promulgating stories that are not true. In his statement, Kushner confirmed a number of stories that had been out there. 'The Washington Post' reported that he sought a secure line of communication from the Russian embassy to Russia. Again, we -- we didn’t know if that was true or not -- he confirmed it. He confirmed a meeting with Sergey Gorkov who is a Russian intelligence trained businessperson. You know, I think we need to step back and say that what the president's been calling fake news has been, not just by Jared Kushner but by his son, now confirmed time and time again. We're -- we're obviouly going to follow-up on a lot of the points that Kushner made in that statement."

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