Scaramucci on Health Care: Trump ‘Always Gets What He Wants’

‘My prediction is he’s going to get exactly what he wants, healthcare reform, tax reform — ‘


SCARAMUCCI: “I don't know if he will get what he wants next week, but he’s going to get what he wants eventually because this guy always gets what he wants. What I know about President Trump is that the world — he’s got very good karma, he's very good to the people that are super close to him. Look at how great his kids turned out. You can’t fake good kids and the world turns back to President Trump. My prediction is he’s going to get exactly what he wants, he'll get healthcare reform, he'll get tax reform and he'll start to put the deregulatory pillars in place, so that our businesses and our economies can grow again, community banks can start lending again. And the people that I grew up with, the people in my neighborhood that have been struggling with low income and low wages are going to see a burst in economic activity and he’s going to get reelected." 

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