Pelosi: GOP Using the Border Crisis as an Excuse Not to Pass Immigration Reform

Pelosi says changes to the 2008 law should be tied to overall immigration reform, rather than Obama’s supplemental funding request

PELOSI: "Well, is there any way that the Republicans will be onboard to address the humanitarian needs of the children, because that should be their priority. But, let me say, these are different laws that we are addressing. One is to address the needs and we need a supplemental to do that because we have an emergency situation that needs to be addressed. Secondly, we are talking about Immigration law. What's happening at the border is a case for passing comprehensive immigration reform. Some are using it as an excuse, not to pass Immigration reform. And excuse will do -- they said they are not going to do it. But they should not take any hope in saying that because of this we can't pass it. Because of this we must pass a comprehensive immigration reform.”

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