Waters: The ‘Drip, Drip, Drip of Information’ Will ‘Lead Right to Impeachment’ of Trump

‘Sessions is either going to step down or he will be fired’

REID: "I’m wondering if this concerns you. The Washington Post has a free word out in which they talk about the trump team seeming to control or block. Saying building a case against what they slag conflicts of interest. Clearly Donald Trump would like to in the best of all worlds for him fire Bob Mueller. The easiest way to do that sow get a new attorney general who is not recused on Russia and have him do it. Are you concern that had this week will this interesting timing, so quick will you after The New York Times interview in which trump said he had no confidence, might push the ball down the road in."
WATERS: "I think, I believe that the president would like the get rid of Mueller. I think the president understands Republicans and Democrats saying, I don’t think you’d better do that. I think this would be very concerning. I think he would rather not do it. But knowing him and what I’ve learned about him. Yes, I think Sessions is either going to step down or he will be fired. He’ll find an attorney general that he can depend on and he may try to think that person fire Mueller. So all of this, all of these things are possible. Each day this drip, drip, drip of information, these re lagss are doing exactly what I’ve already predicted. That is, it will lead right to impeachment."

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