MSNBC: Sean Spicer Resigned as White House Press Secretary

‘So far, no response from the White House about whether or not press secretary Sean Spicer has in fact resigned’


WELKER: "I’m told in my ear that our Ali Vitali has in fact just confirmed that Sean Spicer has resigned after learning that Anthony Scaramucci has been offered the job of communications director. Just to set the table here, Sean Spicer was doing two jobs. He was doing the job of communications director as well as press secretary. Both of those jobs are 24/7 commitments, so there is no doubt that he had taken on a lot. Having said that, the decision to resign in the wake of this Anthony Scaramucci announcement, we know that the President met with Anthony Scaramucci today at the White House and that’s when the official offer was made. We know that there was a lot of pushback within the White House from Reince Priebus who is the chief of staff." 

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