Pro-Palestinian Guest Won’t Answer Whether He Thinks Hamas Is a Terrorist Organization

‘What part of this can’t you get through your thick head? Is Hamas a terrorist organization? Yes or no? Yes or no?’

Pro-Palestinian Guest of Hannity Won’t Answer Whether He Thinks Hamas is a Terrorist Organization (Washington Free Beacon)

A pro-Palestinian guest of Fox News host Sean Hannity refused to answer his repeated questions about whether he believed the militant group Hamas was a terrorist organization Thursday night.

In a heated exchange, Hannity said Yousef Munayyer, the Executive Director of the Jerusalem Fund and Palestine Center, couldn’t seem to get a simple question through his “thick head.” Munayyer had earlier in the interview retorted to one question that Israel should end its “decades-long military occupation of Palestinian territory.”

“You’re making a rationalization for rockets and kidnapping and murder, and you want to blame the victims in this case!” Hannity said.

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