Michael Schmidt: Trump’s ‘Really Undermining’ Mueller in the Eyes of the Public

‘I think the president clearly understands the seriousness of Mueller, and he clearly gets the problem here’

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SCHMIDT: "Well, it’s our sense that they don’t want him to be out there. At least, you know, some of them don’t want him to be out there being so aggressive on this issue. They think that it antagonizes Mueller. It raises questions about the independence of Mueller, and it’s a distraction and it’s not helpful. Nut at the same time, this is a president that believes he is his best spokesman and has shown the willingness to attack these folks, even attack his own attorney general just the other day. He sees that as his best offense here. But the problem is that at the same time, it sort of raises questions about the process. He is really undermining Mueller in ways, certainly in the public’s eyes, and putting the political lens on it that may not really be there."

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