Trippi: Trump ‘Keeps Derailing’ His Agenda with Tweets or Interviews Like with the Times

‘He’s the one that sat there and talked about Jeff Sessions and Mueller’


FRANCIS: "Joe, what do you make to that? I think the attorney general probably isn’t going anywhere based on what we heard at the beginning of this interview, what is your thought?"
TRIPPI: "One, I don’t think he is going anywhere. First of all, their primaries already underway and the filing deadline is closed. I don’t think he joined the administration to retire from politics six months into it the first term. When you look at this, the president could have spent that time of “The New York Times” talking about health care, talking about what he wanted the Senate to do, much like he did with the meeting with the senators, but instead, it was him. It was the president himself —
FRANCIS: "Are you sure this isn’t just the excerpt of a near times is focusing on?"
TRIPPI: "They put the entire transcript out there, I’m pretty sure. First of all, point taken, but he’s the one that did that. He’s the one that sat there and talked about Jeff Sessions and Mueller, and Rita litigated this whole thing again. Which he’s done time and time again, when the White House has tried to stay disciplined and talk about health care and the other thing that the American people would like to see something move forward on. It’s the president who keeps derailing this with his tweets or these kinds of conversations with reporters."
FRANCIS: "Carey, taking the flip side of that, is that the case or is the president transparent and honest when he says what’s on his mind and if he doesn’t say what’s on his mind, then people see him as hiding things, if he does, then you have “The Huffington Post” saying that he’s derailed and unhinged, and he is going on a bizarre rant and that sort of thing. It seems like he can’t win either way."

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