MSNBC Guest: GOP Wants to Repeal ACA Because Obama Is Black

‘They tried to delegitimize him for eight years, they tried to block everything he tried to do’

MSNBC Guest: GOP Wants to Repeal ACA Because Obama Is Black (NewsBusters)

You can’t disagree with the left anymore without some sort of ulterior motive ascribed to you. After all, if you were a good person, you would think like them.

It’s obvious to Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher, who appeared on Thursday's The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, why Senate Republicans want to repeal Affordable Care Act: it’s because President Obama is black. While ObamaCare drove up premiums nationwide, decimated insurance exchanges and brought the United States one step closer to single-payer, Republicans- and by extension, the people who voted for them- just don’t like the fact that we had an “African-American President.”

For Republicans, Belcher claimed that “this isn’t about health care.” After Belcher uttered that, the audience sat on the edge of their seat, waiting for the ill-motive he was going to ascribe to his political opponents. Why isn’t it about health care? Is it just an excuse for Republicans to exercise their masochistic desire to kill old women and the poor? Or because they hate the disabled?

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