Charlie Hurt on Trump’s Sessions Comments: There Has To Be Some ‘Discipline’ in W.H.

‘He has made more progress on health care in the last 24 hours and in the last couple of weeks and had it all blown aside by this’


HURT: "I can’t imagine it being any tougher for anybody than Jeff Sessions himself. As John Roberts pointed out, he's been with Donald Trump from the very beginning. It doesn’t matter that this was an open secret that Donald Trump was disappointed in Sessions over his recusal, we already all knew that.  Donald Trump giving an interview on tape, laying it out on tape in such stark terms is going to suddenly hijack the -- you know, you know, the news cycle. And he had a good day yesterday, he has a lot of things that he can focus on right now. He's made more progress I think on -- on health care in the last 24 hours than -- than in the last couple of weeks."
HURT: "And to have it all blown aside by this -- there -- there's got to be some discipline in the White House. He's got to do something about that."

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