Chris Murphy: Trump Should Have Disclosed Second Meeting with Putin at G-20

‘But it was in a public setting with a whole bunch of other G-20 leaders’


MURPHY: "So I risk that -- I worry that we risk losing a little bit of perspective on some of the watershed moments here by reacting with equal outrage to every revelation. So yes, the president or the administration should have disclosed this meeting at the G-20 but it was in a public setting with a whole bunch of other G-20 leaders. The watershed moment here is of course the Donald Trump Jr. meeting which may be the fire underneath all the smoke that we’ve been waiting for. But I think there’s a -- a little bit of a, sort of perpetual motion machine now to react with equal outrage to every daily revelation. I’m not as worried about the G-20 meeting as I am about the inability to get the full truth on the Donald Trump Jr. meeting, and I think we have to focus there on the meeting that probably is most problematic and -- and -- and most key to understanding the full potential collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government."

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