David Avella: ‘We Need 100 Percent Security that Bad Actors Aren’t Coming Across the Border’

‘I think this goes to a bigger picture’


BOLLING: "Trump has been soliciting, I guess, invitations from's construction companies, engineering companies about how to build this wall. He mentioned the solar panel wall, I've seen, but it looks amazing, actually, and would pay for itself."
AVELLA: "It's the kind of innovation that we need, because we need 100% security that bad actors are coming across the border, one. Two, he should be praise for the efforts that he's doing to make sure that folks in Venezuela live in freedom and so they don't feel the need to come to America, and three, he is working on the Visa issue, and we need to make sure that the workers that we need to get here. I think this goes to a bigger picture." 

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