Rachel Maddow Claims ‘Vast Majority’ of Illegals Flooding Border Will Be Deported

‘The flow of kids and young families turning up at the border is reportedly slowing down significantly already’

Maddow at Most Delusional - Claims 'Vast Majority' of Illegals Flooding Border Will Be Deported (NewsBusters)

Not sure which is sadder -- that Rachel Maddow actually believes this, or that she knows it's not true and says it anyway.

A sure sign that Maddow is on thin ice is when she makes a dubious claim without attribution. She did this on her MSNBC show Monday night while trotting out a deceptive euphemism to hide what she was actually saying.
Maddow was comparing how two governors, Rick Perry of Texas and Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, are responding to the massive current influx of illegal immigrants at the southern border.

Considering that Perry is one of those knuckle-dragging Republicans so loathed at MSNBC, it was a given that Maddow would ridicule his unfathomable decision to call up the National Guard in response to a crisis. Nearly as bad to Maddow is the possibility that Perry is again running for president, as shown by his recent visit to Iowa. Such overweening ambition is unacceptable unless exhibited by Democrats --

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