Fahrenthold: Ivanka’s Products Made Overseas Where Workers Don’t See Their Families

‘Where Ivanka Trump’s goods are made? The answer is exclusively overseas mostly in Asia, places where often workers are not well protected’


FAHRENTHOLD: "My colleagues looked really closely at Ivanka Trump’s clothing empire, she has sold all kinds of different clothing and jewelry. What they did was to  look at ship manifests, cargo records, customs records to see, okay, as her father talks about made in America, let's make more things in America, where Ivanka Trump’s goods are made? The answer is exclusively overseas, mostly in Asia, at places where often workers are not well protected, work for very low wages and don’t get to see their families very often. They talked to Ivanka Trump’s company's CEO and said, 'Are you going to make things in America now that Ivanka Trump’s father ran for president on the basis that was something everybody could do?' And the company, Ivanka Trump's CEO said, 'Look, we don’t think it’s possible. We can do a little bit of manufacturing in America, but we don’t believe the capacity exists.' It's just not a very optimistic statement at the beginning of 'Made in America' week."

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