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Henninger: The Press and Trump Are ‘Enjoying the Smackdown; They Are Reveling in the Fight’
‘It has become an obsession for both of them’


HENNINGER: "The story is collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians. And since this story began, for seven months, there has never been a published story suggesting anything that could legally be called collusion. So I do think they have way overplayed it. Having said that, I will tell you, I am to the point where I think perhaps the American press and President Trump are enjoying this smackdown. They are reveling in the fight. They won’t let it go. It has become an obsession for both of them. Why is the President on Sunday morning sending out tweets about a story that obviously is pushing public attention away from his agenda? And the press is enjoying it just as well. They get up every morning and say, 'Let’s go at it with the President of the United States over the collusion story."

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