Fox News: At Least 9 People Killed in Flash Flood in Arizona

‘None of the victims were immediately identified’

Arizona flash flood: At least nine killed in unsuspecting storm, including five kids (FOX News

At least nine people were killed, including five children, as a flash flood swept away unsuspecting family and friends at a popular swimming hole in Arizona and a desperate search was underway for a missing teen.

Search and rescue crews, including 40 people on foot and others in a helicopter, recovered the bodies of five children – some as young as two – and four adults some as far as two miles away. A 13-year-old boy was still missing as of early Monday. None of the victims were immediately identified.

The group from the Phoenix and Flagstaff areas had met Saturday for a day trip at a swimming hole near Payson, about 100 miles northeast of the capital. The intense thunderstorm caught everyone by surprise, unleashing 6-foot-high floodwaters mixed with trees and other debris onto the group.


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