Farage: The ‘Liberal Establishment ... Simply Can’t Accept the Fact that Trump Won’

‘What they’re trying to do is make a link between anybody that supports Trump and Russia’


FARAGE: "Look, what have you got here is the liberal establishment both in politics and the media, simply can’t accept the fact that trump won last November. They are trying to find a reason why. They say awe, we got it, it’s all because of Russian interference. What they’re trying to do is make a link between anybody that supports Trump and Russia. You know, in my case, to be apparently a person of interest to the FBI is just simply beyond me. When I have no political or business dealings with Russia at all. But, you know, they see a photograph of me shaking hands at a cocktail reception with a Russian ambassador of London and they say somehow that’s proof. Let’s be frank, you know, it wasn’t wise of Donald Jr. To go into that meeting. But, you know, he is not a politician. And there was a error of judgment of going into that meeting. But you know what? Nothing came out of it. Donald Jr. Has done nothing wrong whatsoever. And I’m seeing this feeding frenzy amongst the media. People who don’t like trump and want to damage him. And it’s bad for democracy. This man was elected on a platform, on a ticket to do things in America. And all that’s happening here is he is being held back. And that’s wrong."


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