Fox News: British Courts Rule U.S. Doctor Can Examine Charlie Gard

‘The judge said he would be able to do that and he will be here on Monday’


REPORTER: "the judge has allowed the American doctor, who yesterday gave testimonies that they thought would be worth or at least trying to use the experiment with drug on Charlie gard. They have said yesterday in his testimony, he has a video link to the court that he thought the drug had about a 10% chance of helping Charlie, but when he was pressed by the judge, he also said that he really needed to examine Charlie gard before he could make that conclusion. The judge said he would be able to do that and he will be here on Monday. If the case goes forward. He also named the specialist in the United States. He is professor dash from Columbia university medical center. He is a neurologist there. He is going to come out here to London on Monday and then the week after that on the 25th, the judge will consider whatever he discovered during the examination and it’s only after that that the judge would get permission if he decides it is warranted for the boy to be moved to the United States and he would get permission to do that. In any case, the parents didn’t exactly get what they were looking for at at today’s hearing but things do appear to be going their way." 

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