Chris Wallace: Trump, Jr. Meeting ‘A Huge Problem with the Credibility’ of the W.H.

‘I think there is very little legal jeopardy for Donald Trump, Jr.’


WALLACE: "I think there is very little legal jeopardy for Donald Trump, Jr., but there’s a huge problem with the credibility of the White House because they kept saying there is no collusion, there had been no contacts, this is all a hoax, it is all fake news. And then it keeps coming up that people that we haven’t heard about did have these meetings and, of course, this meeting of the 25th floor of Trump Tower involving the President’s son, his son-in-law, and campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, you know, they would be very well-served simply to get together, make sure that every meeting that ever happened, everybody who participated in every meeting every time they had beef stroganoff or a shot of Stolichnaya, to just put it all out there. It’s going to come out anyway, you better do it on your own terms."

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