Conway: ‘This Is an Administration that Talks About Transparency’

‘This is an administration that talks about transparency’


CONWAY: "Well, in terms of those who work here, who have been asked to cooperate, they have made very clear to their attorneys that they are willing to cooperate. And I know that some people’s disclosure forms are recently amended. As I understand, that’s how this has all been revealed. But I will tell you that this is an administration that talks about transparency, talks about sunlight and talks about, you know, full information. But, is this — you know, the President calls it a witch-hunt, he calls it a hoax. Others have said — others who aren’t particularly very fond of this administration have admitted that there is no there there. So, again, what kind of money are we going to spend by the taxpayers having these infinite investigations, and there are many of them. If we are going to do that, fine, I suppose. But we really need to spend our time, also, telling people what’s being done here for them." 

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