Heidi Przybyla: ‘It Is Malpractice on the American People the Way Our Government Is Working’

‘This is not the way our government is supposed to be functioning’


PRZYBYLA: "I was on the Hill the other day and I spoke with a Republican who is one of their top targets here that they’re worried about and he said, 'Look, if we can’t get this done in the next week, we are going to have to work with Democrats to shore up those individual markets.' So that may be a breakthrough, Willie. I’ve been covering this Congress for several years and it is malpractice on the American people the way our government is working. They are doing things in secret. Let’s be clear, Democrats didn’t work with Republicans either on ObamaCare and here’s what you get. You get something that doesn’t work long term. And the same thing is happening now, done in secret, one party. This is not the way our government is supposed to be functioning."

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