Klobuchar on Trump Presidency: The American Citizens Are Going To Pay If This Continues

‘The American citizens are going to pay if this continues’


KLOBUCHAR: "The American citizens are going to pay if this continues. When you have this kind of chaos going on, we have put out an infrastructure bill -- I’ve always believe that the president should have led with this. He knows there’s support in the Democratic Party for bridges and roads and doing something on -- on broadband. But instead, he went right to that refugee order and. And every single time the theory has been they go to the devices moment instead of finding those sweet spots, whether it’s apprenticeship, work force training, doing the long-term on tax reform. It just hasn't been happening like it should. And you can’t do that when there is chaos. And I think our job is to govern and so that's why we are moving forward with an economic agenda. We try to work with Republicans where we can. I hope with the health care debate that we can step back and work together on ideas like making those exchanges stronger, as Senator McConnell mentioned last weekend, farmer prices are out of control. Why don’t we pass some of the bipartisan bills we have now and unleash the power of 41 million seniors to negotiate prices under Medicare Part D? There are things we can do."

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