Swalwell on Trump Jr.: ‘It Looks Like they Were Working with the Russians’

‘Each piece of evidence here makes the picture clearer’


SWALWELL: "He acknowledged and validated the e-mails in the meetings. And so when you go through the who, what, when, where and why – who is the most senior principles of the campaign; what, they’re receiving information that’s damaging to Hillary Clinton that would have been hacked; where, at Trump Tower, a floor below where the President was sitting; when, just before Russia released the e-mails just before the convention, just before Carter Page travels over to Moscow; and why, to cheat foreign election to help his dad. I mean, it’s damaging at every level. It actually reminds me when you go to the eye doctor for a vision test and they show you a lens that either makes the picture clearer or blurrier. And each piece of evidence here makes the picture clearer. It looks like they were working with the Russians."

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