Bill Clinton: If She Runs, Hillary Needs Time to Craft Her Message

‘She’s the ablest public servant I’ve ever worked with’

Bill Clinton: If she runs, Hillary Clinton needs time to craft her message (CNN)

Former President Bill Clinton says that Hillary Clinton, his wife and the prohibitive favorite for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, needs time to not only decide whether she will run, but what she would bring to the race if she did.

In an interview with CNN in Vietnam, Bill Clinton said that although Hillary Clinton hasn't asked him for advice on her 2016 decision, he thinks that the former secretary of state "really does need some time to think through this."

"We've reached a point in our life when we think you really shouldn't run for office if you don't have a clear idea of what you can do and a unique contribution you can make and you can outline that," Clinton told CNN's Anna Coren. "Now that the book is done, she wants time to think about that and work through it. I think so much of politics is background noise, and we don't need the background noise anymore."

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