Ralph Peters: Trump ‘Acts as Though as He Is Afraid of Vladimir Putin’

‘He still hasn’t once criticized Vladmir Putin by name’

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PETERS: "He didn’t get everything he wanted because he knew he couldn’t. He couldn’t get sanctions relief now because of the political situation in the United States. But no, Putin has been doing this a long time. He fooled Clinton. He beat up on George Bush. He humiliated Obama. And then he put two people in the room with him who have no background in foreign affairs negotiations and its complexities. Rex Tillerson’s experience is negotiating oil contracts. That is nice, but it is not as complicated as foreign policy. My feeling is just this. I want our president to do well. He is our president, but don’t underestimate Vladimir Putin and our president acts as though he is afraid of Vladimir Putin. He still hasn’t once criticized Vladimir Putin by name."

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