Coons: Trump’s America First Policy ‘Turning out to Mean America Alone’

‘The United States is increasingly isolated’


JORDAN: "Senator Coons, you have spoken about your concern that Russia is attempting to isolate the United States, and Republicans --"
COONS: "Yeah."
JORDAN: "-- have historically been concerned about a foreign policy of isolationism. Yet, we’re seeing, you know, this, you know, switch where Russia is somewhat successfully putting us more in isolation. Do you think that's what we saw this -- this past week at the G-20?" 
COONS: "I do. Donald Trump's policy of America first is increasingly turning out to mean America alone. And I’ll remind you that President Trump’s strategy for how to confront North Korea’s aggressive nuclear weapons program, one of our top national security challenges is to try to organize world pressure on China to get China to put pressure on North Korea. If that's the goal then the outcome of many of the meetings and interactions that President Trump have with the G-20 did not advance that goal at all." 

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