Ruth Marcus: Trump’s ‘Not Standing up Really for the Assault on American Democracy’

‘This is really outrageous’

CHUCK TODD: Marco Rubio tweeted this morning, Ruth Marcus. “Partnering with Putin on a cyber security unit is akin to partnering with Assad on a chemical weapons unit.” Again, it’s one thing that he’s getting a lot of criticism from Democrats. When he does this, there’s a whole slew of Republicans that just don’t have the stomach for the Putin stuff.

RUTH MARCUS: Nor should they. I mean this is really outrageous. And let’s go through it. First of all, we were on tenterhooks about whether he would even bring this up. So let’s not define presidential responsibility down. He needed to bring this up. But he also clearly needed to bring it up in a way much more forceful than as what he has described himself as doing. My opinion is known. Well what do we know about his opinion? What we know is that he says that nobody really knows for sure. That is as Lindsey Graham says empowering and it is in fact I’m going to use Director Brendon’s words dishonorable. That he is not standing up really for the assault on American democracy.

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