Mnuchin: We’re Absolutely Committed To Getting Tax Reform Done This Year’

‘Our plan is to have a full-blown release of the plan in the beginning of September’

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STEPHANOPOULOS: I want to move on to tax reform now. I know you’re in the middle of that as well, and the meetings with Speaker Ryan and others. When will the plan be ready and is it still your goal that the wealthy will not receive a net tax cut?

MNUCHIN: So let me just say, we’re absolutely committed to getting tax reform done this year. I think it’s critical for economic growth. I think as you’ve heard us say, we need to get back to 3 percent or better GDP. And our plan is to have a full-blown release of the plan in the beginning of September, with being able to vote and getting this passed before the end of the year.

And we are having meetings multiple times every week with the leadership of the House and the Senate. We’re having lots of listening sessions. We probably met with 300 or 400 different business leaders, outsiders, think tasks. We’re learning from the health care process and we’re going to get tax reform done this week.


MNUCHIN: This year. Excuse me.

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