Maine Secretary of State: Russian Hacking Cannot Reach Maine Because We Use Paper Ballots

‘Russian hacking really can’t reach to the level of an ink pen’


CUOMO: “Will you also look into Russian hacking in this commission? Is that part of the purview?”
DUNLAP: “I think we should. I think anything that damages the integrity of the electoral process — in Maine, everything’s paper. We use paper ballots. So Russian hacking really can’t reach to the level of an ink pen. But I know there are questions about that around the country. And having those discussions, I think, is valuable, especially in terms of how it could infiltrate the voter lists that we’ve been asked to look at. And a few other things. But I think we also be careful about not inadvertently putting barriers before law-abiding citizens and keeping them from exercising their constitutional right of democratic self-government."

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