‘Morning Joe’ Slams Trump’s Warsaw Speech: ‘Extremely Disappointing,’ Tedious’

‘There actually is a good bit of news and I would say positive news for our European allies that were packed in the final ten minutes of this speech’

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SCARBOROUGH: “You know the first half of the speech was packed with platitudes and obvious talking points and it was an extremely disappointing speech for anyone hoping to get policy points out of it. I will say, toward the end, though, after he got past reminding Poland that they were helpful, in reminding Poland that they were once invaded by both the Nazis and the Soviets, he actually made news at the final part of this speech and said some — some very significant things. First of all, the first significant note was he said was the bonds between the United States and Europe are as strong as ever and possibly even stronger than ever. He even made a passing negative reference to Russia. He did say later in the speech and this is a big take away, considering what he has not said in the past that the United States and that the president of the United States stands firmly behind Article 5 and NATO, something that Steve Bannon and others took out of the speech, a prior speech. And also Richard Haass, he announce that the Poles were purchasing a missile defense system, a missile defense system that Russia has publicly declared to be a quote direct threat in the past, also a missile system that President Obama backed away from to the consternation not only of Poland but also many of our allies in central Europe. So despite the slow start, despite the platitudes, there actually is a good bit of news and I would say positive news for our European allies that were packed in the final ten minutes of this speech.”
HAASS: “Right, it was a tedious speech, and need a serious editing. But you’re right. The fact that there was a clear reaffirmation of NATO’s Article 5 is significant. The fact that the Russians were singled out in a sentence for criticism of their destabilization in — in eastern Ukraine — that was a significant. The defensive missile systems, important. What was missing, obviously, Joe, though, was any reference to Russian interference in American and western elections. And surprisingly to me, no mention of North Korea. Did however, call on Russia to back off its support of Syria and Iran, none of which Russia will ever do.”

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