Tucker Blasts CNN for Outing Redditor: ‘We Were All Better off When CNN Stuck to ... Airplanes’

‘This is getting grotesque’


CARLSON: "CNN later announced that it has, quote, 'Decided not to publish the name of the Reddit user out of concern for his safety.' That turned out to be an even more problematic explanation since the network had already announced that if the naughty Internet guy in question ever got naughty on the Internet again, for example, I don’t know, by criticizing CNN, then they would release his name, which, by their own description, might imperil his life which, to a lot of people, seemed pretty much like blackmail. 'Do as we say, or we will hurt you.' Conventional news organizations don’t typically make threats like that, ever. So it was another tough day for CNN today. One of their morning show anchors may have come up with the simplest answer of all — let social media decide what to do about this guy’s identity. Twitter, the perfect form for thorny moral questions. Here is the quote. 'Should CNN reveal name of the Reddit user who made Trump wrestling video?' That's a tweet from Chris Cuomo. 'Had a lot bigoted and hateful material on page and website.' Okay, so releasing this guy’s name would endanger his safety, but then again, he’s got bigoted and hateful material on his website, so maybe he deserves it. You decide, citizens of Twitter, spare or kill him. Your call. This is getting grotesque. We were all better when CNN stuck to wars and hurricanes and missing airplanes.”

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