Rep. Cardenas Admits Obama Could Have Done More to Sanction China on North Korea

‘Donald Trump talks way too much when it comes to North Korea or meddling’


HARLOW: "Congressman, my question about China was pertaining solely to North Korea. China is necessary, all experts say, in —"
CARDENAS: "We agree on that. Absolutely."
HARLOW: "Right. So my question to you is, should the Obama Administration have done more to sanction China, to put pressure on China sooner?" 
CARDENAS: "Well, when you look at it in 20/20 hindsight, perhaps they could have or should have. But the bottom line is this. Six months have gone by and this president has absolutely no plan. He talks tough. He said that that missile test was not going the take place. It did, in fact, take place. They finally admitted that that was a two-stage missile and it has intercontinental capability. Now what do we do?"

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