Steel: Media Can’t Believe Trump’s President, that He’s Succeeding and that Scares Them More than Anything

‘There’s the major European magazine that just had a picture of Donald Trump with a target on it’


STEEL: "There's the major European magazine that just had a picture of Donald Trump with a target on it with the headlines, 'Why not?' This is the kind -- in English. This is the kind of stuff that we’re seeing that's actually becoming normalized mainstream and unfortunately not -- not dealt with -- by the Democrat senior leadership. They’re sort of, you know, embracing this resistance which is a big part of it is violence. I’m representing students now that were beat up in Berkeley by anti-Trump supporters at anti-Trump rally. A great pleasure, by the way, suing Berkeley, it's something I always wanted to do. But there's more than that. There's hundreds and hundreds of events where Trump supporters are getting beat up across the country and then the president’s family, his -- his 11-year-old boy blasted and attacked by -- by snarky New York liberals but -- in the media. Then we see Melania who speaks six languages, considered foolish and stupid and -- so we’ve seen the most hostile press. They can’t believe Trump is the president, but more than that, he’s succeeding and his presidency is becoming successful and that scares them more than anything."

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