McCain: U.S. ‘Also Responsible’ for Circumstances Leading to MH17 Crash

‘We are also responsible because when Ukraine begged us for defensive weapons, we sent them MREs’

REPORTER: “The question of what happens to Putin now? I mean, you know after his big Olympic saying. And the world’s looking to -- I mean he has been moved, that is the most powerful man in the world and that sort of thing. Is this going to affect it? I’ve read a very interesting op-ed piece. That back when Hillary was running, she had that commercial that had the [Indecipherable] in it. Who do you want to receive the call? And the guy who is writing this op-ed piece, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. The phone doesn't ring in Washington. Did it rings in the [Indecipherable]? Is this going to knock him down a few notches?”

McCAIN: “Oh, I think he has to be treated as a pariah, because it’s all his responsibility. Those are Russian separatists, which he has supported, which he send in arms, send in these [Indecipherable] tours, send in these special operations guys. He’s been the cause of all this. But we are also responsible because when they begged us -- the Ukrainians begged us for defensive weapons, we sent the MREs. It’s possible that -- they could have, taken over Eastern Ukraine, if they’d had the weapons with which to do so, which they were begging us for. It’s shameful.”

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