Scarborough: My Foreign Policy Criticisms Aren’t Directed at President Obama

‘By the way, that’s not directed at President Obama. Strategists have been warning about this for a decade’

Scarborough Gets Bad Case of Cold Feet When It Comes To Blaming Obama For Foreign Policy Disasters (NewsBusters)

It was strange.  Joe Scarborough had just completed a comprehensive indictment of failed American foreign policy  around the globe.  But at the very moment when he should have laid those disasters at the feet of the sitting President of the United States, Scarborough came down with a bad case of . . . cold feet.

Scarborough laid out to David Gregory a tour d'horizon of failed American foreign policy from the Middle East, to Iran, to Russia/Ukraine, describing it as "one disaster after another."  But perhaps fearful of where the ineluctable logic of his comments was taking him, Scarborough suddenly made nice, saying "of course that is not directed to President Obama."  Really? Who's been in the White House for the last six years?

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