Sam Stein: Trump Doesn’t Have the Intellectual Knowledge’ of the Health Care Bill

‘I don’t think he’s well versed in health care policy’


STEIN: “Well, yeah. I mean, part of it is because I don’t think Trump that has intellectual knowledge of the bill itself. I don’t think he particularly is well versed in health care policy or cares particularly much better of health care policy. Part of it is because the bill sucks. I mean the bill polls are at like 15 percent, no one really wants to defend the bill. You know, at this point roughly in the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Barack Obama was going out to the House Republican caucus in Baltimore and doing that Q&A session with Paul Ryan and such, hosting a Blair House summit, encouraging a dialogue about this, showing that he had knowledge of the bill, trying to get it through passage. They are doing the exact opposite. They’re not talking about this. They’re hiding it. They barely want to have these types of discussions. There was an offer, it was kind of a joke offer, but it was an offer to do a Blair summit by Chuck Schumer and President Trump, it’d gotten nowhere. So they don’t want to talk about it, because they don’t really know muh about it and because it’s really toxic.”

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