DNC Chair Claims They’re About Winning Elections After Losing 4 Special Elections

‘We’re about winning elections’


PEREZ: "First of all, the letter was really important. And I agree with the basic premise which is that the Democratic Party has to up our game. We have to do a better job of addressing and including and engaging the African-American women community. And we haven’t done that in the past. And our goal is to win elections. And to win elections in ways that are consistent with our proud values of inclusion. So we had a very good conversation and it was the beginning, it’s not the end. And what we need to do we’re working together for instance there were a couple of ideas that were put forth, we’ve got elections coming up in Virginia and New Jersey, and we talked about how can we target opportunities there in some of the state races for state legislature where there may be African-American women running in those races and we can perhaps invest resources to help them win. Because that’s exactly what we’re about. We’re about winning elections. We talked also about what we have to do at the DNC to make sure everything we do from hiring to procurement to our engagement reflects our values of inclusion, opportunity, diversity and equity. And so I’m very appreciative both of the letter and of the conversation. And I’ll be the first to admit that we have more work to do."

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