Chaffetz: I Would Dare Republicans to Vote Against a Stand Along ObamaCare Repeal Bill

‘I would put that vote up and dare Republicans almost to vote against it’


CHAFFETZ: "Over in the House more than 50 times we have voted to repeal it. So I would put that vote up and dare Republicans almost to vote against it. You have to do this, repeal it, and you could put the enactment date a year down the road or pick a specific date. Washington, D.C. operates on deadlines. And so when you have an actual deadline, I think that would actually compel a lot more actions. Otherwise, they are just going to continue to get what they have had so far." EARHARDT: "We have had heard so many different deadlines. Mitch McConnell saying that's not going to happen until after the 4th. Then yesterday we were saying they were talking about trying to get this done by Friday, which is today, before the 4th of July holiday. What is the deadline and when can we expect something?"

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