Conway: ‘I’m Very Pleased’ with How Trump Treats Women in the W.H.

‘This is a man who for decades has been elevating women to the highest positions’


CONWAY: “As a woman who knows him and works for him, I’m very pleased how he treats women in this workplace, the White House. I’m the mother of four small children, four school aged children. His daughter has children. His two daughters and his wife are two — three of the strongest, most intelligent, most courageous women I have ever met. They are all willing to be public servants at this point. Tiffany, of course, is in law school. Donald Trump is somebody — I go by what people do, not what people say about them. This is a man who for decades has been elevating women to the highest position. He took a chance on women in real estate in Manhattan when no one else would, when it was really a man’s game And ever since then he has been elevating and promoting women at the Trump Organization, the Trump campaign, the Trump cabinet, the Trump White House. This is a man who is doing what he can do on behalf of America’s women."

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