Meyers: Trump Sounds Like a High School Student Who Didn’t Study When Talking About GOP Health Bill

‘Now, you may be asking, how did the GOP health care bill get so unpopular?’

MEYERS: “Now, you may be asking, how did the GOP health care bill get so unpopular? Well, aside from the real-world consequences, which would be devastating for millions of people. There’s also the fact that the president, himself, the most visible supporter of the bill, has never been able to articulate a convincing case for it. Now, he’s very clear on how he feels about Obamacare. “It’s a disaster. We need to repeal it.” but, every time Trump talks about his bill, he uses the vaguest terms possible, and seems at a loss to describe what any of it actually means. here’s Trump yesterday at a round table event at the White House. Listen to the utter lack of actual details.” 
TRUMP [clip]: “We’re talking about a great, great, form of health care. We are looking at a health care that would be a fantastic tribute to our country, a health care that will take care of people, finally, for the right reasons and also at the right cost. And what also came out is the fact that this healthcare would be so good, or better than ObamaCare and would be much less expensive for the people, and actually much less expensive, also, for the country. So those are a lot of good factors. I think this has a chance to be a great healthcare.”
MEYERS: “He sounds like a high school student who didn’t read the book, or have the book, or know how to read.”

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