Cruz Parries Hecklers While Finding Common Ground Over Need for Reliable Health Care

‘I agree with them; they should have health care’

Hecklers Confront Ted Cruz at Town Hall Meeting (Washington Post)

A Dallas town hall meeting designed to rally support for defunding President Obama’s health-care law grew testy Tuesday night when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) was interrupted three separate times by hecklers.

The conservative senator handled each interruption calmly, asking that he be allowed to finish his remarks.
“You have health care, we should too!” chanted a pair protesters near the end of Cruz’s remarks.

Cruz responded, “Thank you for sharing your views. You know, part of the First Amendment is about respecting others.”

Pro-Cruz attendees then drowned the protesters out with chants of “USA! USA!”

“I’ll make an observation about those two young men,” Cruz said, after the noise subsided. “Number one, I agree with them. They should have health care and ObamaCare is causing more and more people struggling to climb the economic ladder to lose their health care.”

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