Jen Psaki to Trump: ‘Put Your Big Boy Pants On, This Is the White House’

‘Working at the White House is tough’


PSAKI: “Well, look, working at the White House is tough. It requires a suit of armor on some days. I was there on and off for eight years. You covered the White House when I was in there for a bit of time. You have disagreements with reporters and how things are covered or information that is isn't shared. But the reality is, when you’re not getting legislation done, when you’re approval rating is in the 30s, when you're under investigation, you’re going to be criticized. Put your big boy pants on, put your big girl pants, this is the White House. It's hard, it's difficult, and the American people are watching. So, I think what he said — obviously people are disgusted by it, but I think we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that there’s really thin skin going on here when in reality this is a place where you need to be tougher than that.”

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