DeMint: Defunding ObamaCare the ‘Only Strategy’ that Is ‘Anywhere Near Practical’

‘If the government shuts down, it’s only because the president wants it to’

DeMint: Defunding Obamacare The "Only Strategy" That Is "Anywhere Near Practical" (RealClearPolitics)

Jim DeMint, the president of the Heritage Foundation, discusses Obamacare on The Janet Mefferd Show.

MEFFERD: Sen. Lee and his colleagues -- I know Sen. Ted Cruz is going to be with you tonight -- they're talking about passing a continuing resolution, as you mentioned, that would fund the government but would not allow funding for Obamacare. Yet you have people who have said, "We're worried about a government shutdown. It would be PR suicide for the GOP to do this." What are your thoughts on that issue of, "This will make the Republicans look bad"?

DEMINT: Well, I'd love to know what their strategy is because the only thing I've heard from some of the Republican leadership and consultants is, let the bill go into full effect, then the people will see what a mess it is, and that will help Republicans win the next election. So, I don't want to unleash this plague onto America that will be very difficult to unravel in order for some party to win elections. If we have the opportunity to stop it then that's what we should do, and it's the only strategy right now that I've heard in Washington that is anywhere near practical. There's a risk of losing, particularly if Republicans are afraid to take the truth to the American people that they want to fund the government, they don't want a shutdown, and if the government shuts down, it's only because the president wants it to.

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