Adam Schiff: Congress Has Been Derelict in Its Responsibility over Syria

‘To stand up to Assad when using chemical weapons is quite compelling’


SCHIFF: “Chris, I think you’re absolutely right. Congress has been derelict in its responsibility. I will say this, though, there -- there have been some of us, myself, Tim Kaine, Jeff Flake and a few others, who had been sounding alarm about this for years. I’ve authored amendments on the House floor to defund actions without a new authorization. I’ve introduced bills. I’ve called for hearings on them, as has Tim Kaine. So there have been a small group of us who have been very loud about this but we have gained little or no traction and that has got to change, because I think you’re absolutely right, it’s a complete dereliction. There were also several of us after the first strike who made the argument that the ethical grounds, I think, to stand up to Assad when he's using chemical weapons is quite compelling.”

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