Hannity Tells Jeff Zucker How to Save His Career

‘Start focusing on the six massive scandals that should really be investigated’


HANNITY: "Tonight, I’m going to do Jeff Zucker a favor. Hey, Jeff, you want to restore any sense of credibility at your network, you need to stop trying to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump and be on a jihad agenda to attack. And if you’re willing to lie and collude to do that, really? Where are your ethics? Instead, here’s my advice, Jeff. Start focusing on the six massive scandals that should really be investigated but are not being reported by your network. James Comey, admitting under oath that he had his friend leak a memo to 'The New York Times' hoping it would lead to a special counsel. By the way, Jeff, look into the Records Act that might’ve been violated. That's a felony. By the way, also, there is former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch possibly obstructing justice. How? Interfering in the Clinton e-mail investigation. Senators are starting to look into that. Jeff, I suggest that you and your network may want to do some investigative work here. Comey testified that Lynch told him to call the Clinton e-mail investigation not an 'investigation,' but a 'matter.' And he listened. Don’t forget the 40-minute tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton just days before Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook. And then of course next is Hillary Clinton’s many, many scandals. Jeff, there’s a lot of smoke and fire here, and there is now evidence to suggest that the original server investigation was in fact compromised."

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