Tucker, Mark Steyn Mock CNN for ‘Converting’ Journalists into a ‘Victim Group’

‘The idea of converting yourself into a victim group of… I guess ‘journalist-Americans’

Tucker Carlson, Mark Steyn Mock CNN’s Brian Stelter for ‘Converting’ Journalists into a ‘Victim Group’ (Mediaite)

On Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson kicked off his show by slamming CNN yet again, calling their recent string of controversy a “week that will live in infamy” in the history of that network.

He informed his viewers about the new video released by Project Veritas that shows CNN commentator Van Jones calling the Trump-Russia story a “nothing burger.” This was in addition to another released video that showed a CNN producer calling their Russia coverage “bullsh*t.”

And all of this comes on the heels of their controversial retraction of a Russia story that was reportedly done in order to avoid a $100 million lawsuit from the subject of the debunked article, Anthony Scaramucci.

“Woah,” Carlson reacted. “What is next for CNN?”

He pulled a clip from Rush Limbaugh who floated the idea that the Trump presidency could mark the end of CNN.

The Fox News host then posed the question, “How does your company respond when its corruption is revealed?”

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