Paul: If GOP Wants Conservatives on Board They Need to Make Health Care Bill More of a Repeal Bill

‘Basically the bill right now keeps ObamaCare’


PAUL: "We haven’t heard from anyone in Senate leadership yet. But I did have a good meeting with the president. I think he is very open to making the bill better. And basically the bill right now keeps ObamaCare. We’ve given the moderates in our caucus, lots of money to keep spending. They get to keep the ObamaCare subsidies, they get to keep the ObamaCare regulations. They get to create a new federal super fund for insurance company bail-outs. So those are all things that big spending Republicans want. Now, if they want conservatives to be on board they have to start talking about, you know what? We promised repeal, why don’t we make the bill look a little more like a repeal?"

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