Krauthammer on Syria: ‘It’s a New Line’ Now

‘The real question is why was this a public threat on our part’

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KRAUTHAMMER: "It is a new. The real question is why was this a public threat on our part. I think normally you would expect you go to Russia, Russia, Syria, and say we have intelligence you are preparing a series of chemical attacks. You do it, we're going to hit you very, very hard. That would work. They would know. Once you make a public then you've got to an entirely new realm. You box yourself and perhaps. To the point where you have to do it. If you do it in private, you can always wheeze aloud. If you do it in public, you can't, particularly after what trump has said about Obama, what trump did in the first attack a few months ago. We are at a really high point of escalation because there will be no doubt that if the Syrians defiance on this, we have to act. What Nikki Haley said is even a higher escalation. Because it implies -- I don't think it means we are going to do it, but it implies we might actually retaliate not just against the Syrians but against Iranians and Russians which would be a whole new level which is sort of Sarajevo like."

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